Men should not use word such as fuckboxs for those girls that give pleasure to men

Many people in London call the sex workers as Fuckboxs in their own language. Mostly guys in London use the word fuckboxs in a non respectful manner and they get some pleasure while using the word fuckboxs for girls. Well, I do not mimic with other London guys and I believe that people should not use the word like fuckboxs for any girl even if that girl is a prostitute or sex worker. As a matter of fact, people should never use abusive word like this for any of those girls that offer them pleasure against a small payment.

Here people should understand that if a girls or sex worker is offering sexual services to a man against the payment, then she is taking a big risk because selling sex is a crime in London. Also, in this process mostly prostitutes or sex workers get all kind of complications and their clients do not get any troubles in case of legal acts. That means as a guy you can get the pleasure that you want and sex workers or prostitutes will try to do everything so you can have the best pleasure with them. But when you call them as fuckboxs or similar abusive world like fuckboxs then they feel bad because of it.

Indeed, sex workers take money to give you sexual pleasure, but just because of this one reason you or anyone else cannot call them as fuckboxs. Just like many other jobs they also have a job and they get payment only after giving pleasure to you. And the problems of sex workers or so called fuckboxs is not less in any condition. While working in London they not only face with legal issues or local police in London, but sometime they get very annoying clients as well. These annoying clients not only hurt them physically but they also refuse to pay the money to girls.

That means sex working in London offer pleasure to their male clients, but they not always get pleasure from their work and sometime they do not get money also. Another complication related to their work is that they do not get any fix hours of working and sometime they may need to work at very odd time of the day as well so a man like you and me can get great fun with them in London. In that kind of situation as well, sex workers or prostitutes in London try to give great pleasure to their male clients.

In return to this, they expect a little respect along with the payment. However, most of the guys just pay the money, but they do not show any respect and mostly they use slag words like fuckboxs for sex workers. In last, I would just request that if you are also taking services of prostitutes for your pleasure needs in London, then instead of calling them fuckboxs, give respect to them all the time and try to give pleasure to them also with your nice and gentleman behavior.

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